Advertising & Digital Communications Services


The Advertising & Digital Communications Services Prequalification Scheme (The Scheme) is open for new applications from Tuesday 6 June 2016. The Scheme provides two categories of services to NSW Government departments: Advertising Services and Digital Communications Services.

The Department of Premier & Cabinet (DPC) centrally manages the Scheme for NSW Government and have revised the Scheme to ensure consistency with current NSW Procurement direction, and provide a more flexible, streamlined application and evaluation of a broader range of suppliers. This will also address the changing and expanding needs of NSW Government’s marketing requirements moving forwards.

Under the revised Scheme arrangements, applications will be received and assessed at any time during the Scheme period, which is currently until end of April 2018.

Applications can be made via the NSW Government’s e-tendering website

Media planning and media buying services are excluded from this Scheme.

Appointed service providers

A panel of service providers (small and large) for each category of services has been established.

Advertising Services 

Digital Communications Services 

Engaging a service provider

Government agencies can directly engage service providers. Please reference the Guidelines for Customers for full details. A Standard Form of Agreement is recommended to formalise an engagement.

Providing feedback on service providers

SC will monitor the performance of service providers. We request all government agencies to submit short feedback forms on each service provider.

Selection Feedback form - to be submitted at the completion of a request for quotation process

Engagement Feedback form - to be submitted at the completion or termination of an Engagement