Advertising requirements

Advertising and media agencies

The providers you will require will depend upon the scale of your planned advertising and the skills of your internal teams, as well as your planned communications activities.

Communications service providers may include designers, photographers, advertising agencies, media planning/buying agencies, public relations, event management and digital agencies.

The majority of the major advertising campaigns undertaken by NSW Government agencies typically use the services of at least one advertising agency.  Some large advertising companies offer a “one stop shop” providing many or all of the above types of services, whilst other companies will specialise in one or only a few of these services.

Role of an advertising agency:

The advertising agency will propose the best creative tactics to convey your messages and achieve the campaign objectives. They will recommend the advertising concepts and may also include a variety of “below the line” advertising options, e.g. events or presentations, handouts, website, collateral (posters, stickers, and brochures).

Once you have agreed on the approach to be used, the advertising agency responsibilities would typically involve all aspects of the production of the advertising materials and despatch of materials to the media. Advertising agencies typically charge head hour costs plus any third party production or other services they commission.

A simple campaign which requires the production of simpler print materials might require the services of a graphic design agency, rather than an advertising agency. In these cases, you may consider directly engaging the specialist services that you require.

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Role of a media planning agency:

A media agency (or media planner) is responsible for the strategic recommendation of media activity for your campaign. Working from your brief the planning process involves analysing the audience objectives and balancing the reach, frequency and costs of media options to deliver a detailed media plan that maximises advertising exposure and impact.

Planning should demonstrate a coordinated approach to different media and illustrate the thinking behind the proposed approach. Media planners work closely with advertising agencies to ensure the client's advertising budget is well spent, as well as adhering to the overall campaign strategy.

Which media agency do I use for my campaign?

Media services are provided under the NSW Government Media Agency Services contract. Read more about working with the appointed media agencies.