Advertising requirements

Campaign Research

Background research will often have been influential in the decision to commence a campaign, and contributed to identifying the issue or opportunity to be addressed. Further, more comprehensive research will also ensure that the campaign builds on others’ research and experiences. What works and what doesn’t? Gathering all relevant information assists in developing a rationale and approach for a campaign. Some additional research considerations may include:

1. Previous campaigns on this issue?

It can be extremely valuable to review similar advertising campaigns from within your own agency, from interstate or overseas campaigns. Reviewing the approaches and outcomes of other campaigns can enable you to utilise elements that were effective and can establish a benchmark on how to improve your own campaigns.  Where campaigns have already been run within your agency you may be able to utilise research and outcomes as further rationale for an approach on a new campaign.

2. What existing activities should be linked?

An advertising campaign will only run for a period of time, so it is beneficial to build ongoing awareness or opportunities for your target audience to access further information. Utilise your campaign where possible to drive the target audience to locate further or related information that may be valuable to them. This can be done by providing more information on agency websites or through information phone numbers.

3. What else is going on around you?

It is important to consider other marketing strategies or competitive campaigns that have also run on your topic, or may be in market. What tactics do others use to get the attention and engagement of your audience? If you can find out about upcoming advertising or communications by related non-government or Federal Government organisations, think about how this could impact your messages. What will be happening in the media market during the time you are thinking about advertising - do conditions require extra-long lead times? Is it going to be end-of-year retail period and your message may be lost in the clutter? Universal McCann can provide advice about media conditions.

4. Conducting additional research?

It may be appropriate to engage a research company to conduct tailored exploratory research to inform your approach, for example:

Qualitative research tools such as focus groups and one-on-one interviews may be useful for gaining a deeper understanding and insight into the audience.­

Quantitative research to quantify (support with numbers) opinions, assumptions or behaviour. Methodologies may use large samples with structured questionnaires or surveys.