Advertising requirements

Developing the communications strategy

Once you have selected and engaged an advertising agency and approved the creative direction, you will work with both your advertising agency and media agency to further develop your integrated communications strategy, including the refinement of the creative concepts, e.g. advertising storyboards and scripts, media schedules and other communications solutions.

Undertaking focus group testing with the key target audience using initial creative ideas can provide vital feedback in terms of the most effective approach and any improvements that could be made to the materials. It can also provide some key feedback into any potential risks that were not uncovered during the risk analysis stage.

Following communication refinement, it may be appropriate for major new campaigns to undertake additional focus group testing of the creative materials with the target audience. Expect a productive focus group to clarify not only whether the audience likes the concept, but also whether the ad evokes desired emotions and action tendencies.

Try to avoid incurring substantial costs before a campaign is approved. This stage is about getting from the initial ideas pitched to the final concept stage (for both creative and media) so the campaign may be peer reviewed and approved.

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