Advertising requirements

Engaging an advertising agency

The Advertising and Communications Services Scheme provides NSW Government agencies with access to a panel of leading NSW advertising agencies. This panel of agencies can be approached to offer creative solutions for your campaign. Two categories are covered by the Scheme; creative advertising services and digital services. The agencies to be included in the Scheme are currently in review (pre-qualification closed 2 May 2013). For further information, please visit the NSW Procurement eTendering website.

Writing an advertising brief:

Identifying the issue to be addressed, background research and target audiences, the objectives and available budget provide the basis of information for the advertising brief.

A good brief ensures that you and the agency have a mutual, comprehensive understanding of the task at hand and the desired outcomes are clearly communicated. The brief should allow the advertising agency scope to come up with the best way to deliver on the campaign objectives. However, if there are mandatory inclusions, it is important that they are clearly articulated.

Read tips on how to write an advertising brief.

In all cases, appointment of creative suppliers must adhere to your Department/agency’s procurement processes and policies. You should seek the advice of your procurement advisors prior to a new supplier appointment.

Working with an agency:

It is your responsibility to facilitate an effective relationship between your advertising and media planning agencies. It is important that you help all the agencies involved understand your organisation, so they can develop strategies that will align with the goal of your campaign plan.

Good communication is the key to a successful campaign roll-out. It is a good idea to introduce your advertising and media agency to the in-house team that will be involved in the campaign, including key decision makers and meet the agency staff you will be working with. Appoint a Campaign manager to be the first point of contact in your organisation.