Advertising requirements

Monitoring & Evaluating

As part of the peer review Advertising Submission, you will be required to outline your plans to monitor and measure the success of your advertising activities. The evaluation phase of a campaign is an important stage in assessing what did and did not work and analysing if the objectives of the campaign were met. The findings are also useful in guiding future campaigns.

Developing relevant and realistic objectives during the planning stages of the campaign is vital to post campaign evaluation. Where possible, for each of your objectives, you should have established pre-campaign benchmarks and specific targets compared to those benchmarks.

Evaluation methodologies:

There are no specific requirements in relation to evaluation methodology, use of research providers or budget allocation. You should conduct evaluation that is relevant, cost-effective and meaningful for what you are trying to achieve and the methods used. Evaluation costs are included as part of the total budget for the campaign. Where possible, internal data sources should be captured. Examples of data sources may include:

  • Website statistics including page views, collateral downloads and search engine rankings. Online research is a cost effective method of gathering campaign evaluation information.
  • Communication such as phone calls, emails, customer enquiries etc.
  • Qualitative data from stakeholders involved.
  • Monitoring of social media comments or discussions about the campaign.

Internal data sources in conjunction with media tracking information from Universal McCann will allow you to effectively monitor the impact of the campaign whilst it is live. Careful and considered analysis of the media performance will allow you to adjust and optimise the media plan to emphasise the more successful channels. Ensure you talk to your Universal McCann buyer about this.

There are various paid evaluation services available from research and communications companies. These services use a range of consumer and media research methodologies such as ad recognition, brand linkage and demographics, and are suitable for a range of campaigns.

Providing evaluation to Strategic Communications:

Strategic Communications has a role in centrally reporting on NSW Government advertising activities. An overview of your evaluation results are to be provided to Strategic Communications at the conclusion of the campaign.

Where appropriate the evaluation results shall be included with your campaign details in the campaign gallery. You may request to showcase current or previous advertising campaigns in the gallery. Read more about submitting your campaign to Strategic Communications for inclusion in the campaign gallery.