Advertising requirements

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is an area to be considered during various stages of campaign development. Consideration of risks requires you to think about what could be the adverse consequences as a result of the advertising, or what could be the factors that could limit the success of your campaign. Examples of advertising risks may be:

Advertising generates so much interest that call centres are overwhelmed;

Creative materials may not be understood by the audience.

The benefit of identifying possible risks associated with a campaign during your planning and early development, is that it allows you, where possible, to put in place plans to mitigate or eliminate the risk.

SWOT analysis:

One way to conduct a risk assessment is to perform a SWOT analysis:

Strengths: List all of the key factors that you believe will make the campaign a success. Hopefully, this section will have the most content.

Weaknesses: Are there any campaign areas that may have a weakness, e.g. is it too similar to another campaign, or is the message confusing?

Opportunities: Are there some new doors that this campaign may open, e.g. an opportunity to begin a two-way conversation with a key a target audience?

Threats: What is the worst thing that could happen, e.g. is the campaign offensive to a certain group of people? Does the campaign pose a threat to the reputation of the organisation?