Advertising requirements

Working with media planning agencies

Media services are provided under the NSW Government Media Agency Services contract. Government departments can choose one agency from an appointed panel that best suits their campaign objectives. Read more about working with the appointed agencies.

Briefing and working with the media planning agency:

The media planning agency needs to be involved very early on in the planning process to ensure they have enough time to properly understand the audience that you are aiming to target. The media planning agency will need to have the opportunity to consider and investigate a variety of media options and provide you with an integrated and strategic media recommendation. For major new campaigns, it is advisable to brief the media planning agency at the same time as the creative brief. Also, you should expect that there will be the need to refine and adjust the strategy before a final version is decided.

Similar to your creative brief, a good media or communication brief should comprehensively cover the issue, audience and desired outcomes but not pre-empt the media selection. The reason you are seeking expert advice is to have them assess all options and make recommendations. However, if there are mandatory inclusions it is important to be up front about these, so as not to waste time.

The rationale provided by your media planning agency for their recommendations should be compelling and logical. If you are not convinced that all aspects make sense and will work, then ask questions to get the answers or adjustments that you need. The media strategy and rationale must be sound as it will be thoroughly examined at peer review.

Your advertising and media planning agencies must have a strong working relationship as there will be a need for constant liaison between all parties to ensure all components come together at the right time. It is your responsibility to facilitate and manage the relationship between your advertising and media planning agencies.