Branding Inspired by the floral emblem of NSW, the logo is a branding device used to establish the corporate identity of the NSW Government. The NSW Government logo replaces existing agency branding on communications material.

The NSW Government Branding Style Guide assists agencies in applying the NSW Government logo consistently. NSW Government agencies are responsible for complying with branding guidelines, and should provide contractors with a copy of the Branding Style Guide when supplying the NSW Government brand.

The Branding Style Guide outlines NSW Government’s logo and secondary design elements, provides technical specifications, guidance on the development of agency logos, co-branding and application to advertising collateral.

Download your copy of the NSW Government Branding Style Guide.

Use of NSW Government logo in advertising

Advertisements produced for and on behalf of the NSW Government should be clearly identifiable as originating from the NSW Government and include consistent branding and authorisation. The rules regarding the authorisation of advertisements are covered by the Advertising Handbook.

It is the responsibility of the Government agency issuing the advertising to ensure that branding is compliant with guidelines.