Planning a campaign

3. Planning a campaign - target audience

Understanding the campaign target audience is paramount in developing effective advertising strategies. Your research, other information and consultation with your internal stakeholders and program managers (where appropriate) will contribute to defining the advertising target audience. To maximise the success of your objectives, targeting multiple audiences may be appropriate.


  • Core group affected by an issue is 18 - 29 year old females, but it is also important for 30 – 40 year old females;
  • People whose behaviour you wish to change, as well as people who will influence those audiences.

Your submission should clarify which are primary/secondary audiences. Be as specific as you can about your audience to inform the creative and media strategies. In addition to demographics and geographic location consideration should be given to attitudes, awareness levels and current behaviours, plus any barriers to change.

Aboriginal audiences and culturally & linguistically diverse audiences:

NSW Government agencies are responsible for ensuring that all people in the NSW community have access to the relevant information about its services, programs and opportunities. When planning advertising or other communications, agencies should be sensitive to the cultural and linguistic differences of people within their target audiences.

All significant public information and awareness advertising strategies are to include evidence that explicit consideration has been given to Aboriginal people and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD).

The nature and needs of the audience should determine both the proportion of budget and the communication strategies to be used to reach various segments of the audience. Agencies should also carefully consider the content and images as well as the media selected to ensure the advertising is as effective as possible.

Refer to the NSW Government Advertising Handbook for policy requirements.

See links to useful CALD and Indigenous resources.


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