Rural Fire Service

I Am Fire

Campaign snapshot:

Bush fire is an annual threat across NSW. There are approximately 1.3 million properties at risk from bush fires in NSW, occupied by around 3 million people.

"I Am Fire" is the theme for the Rural Fire Service public awareness campaign launched in September 2015.

The campaign was developed in response to research undertaken by the NSW RFS and the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Bushfire CRC) throughout the last decade.

The campaign aimed to address a number of key findings from the research:

  • While most people in bush fire prone areas have an appreciation for the risk in their general area, many do not consider themselves personally at risk from bush fire.
  • Around half of all people living in at-risk areas believe their property would survive a bush fire, even if they have made no preparations.
  • People believe preparing for bush fires is too hard, costly, overwhelming or complex.

This research highlights the thinking of the target audience that “it won’t happen to me”, were disengaged from the risk and unlikely to act to reduce their risk. The awareness campaign needed to personalise the issue for the audience, get their attention and make them understand the risk applies to them.

The campaign sought to increase the number of people or households that understand their personal risk from bush fires and take action to reduce their risk from bush fires by planning and preparation

Target audience: The campaign target audience is all people aged 25-54 years in bush fire risk areas.

The creative concept was tested with a selection of the target audience. This testing assisted in selecting the I Am Fire creative developed by JWT.

The creative achieved a strong emotional pull that drove a need to take urgent action, delivering on a core objective of personalising the risk for a majority of the viewers.

The approach used compelling facts about what fire is capable of, and how easily it can move and take down homes.

Timing: Early September 2015 until late February 2016

Media Channels: The campaign used television, radio, online and newspapers from early September across the bush fire season.


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I Am Fire video
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