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Mobile Drug Testing (MDT) campaign

Campaign snapshot:

Drug driving is a serious problem on our roads, with illegal drugs involved in around the same number of fatal crashes each year as drink driving.

Education combined with enforcement is the most effective way to address this kind of road safety problem. Mobile drug testing is now increasing and by 2017 there will be three times the number of tests on NSW roads.

The deterrent effect of the increased enforcement across the state is reinforced by NSW’s first ever drug driving campaign ‘MDT. There’s no escaping it’.


30 per cent of drug users involved in recent NSW Centre for Road Safety research admitted to driving with an illegal drug in their system. Just like alcohol, illegal drugs can ultimately affect a person’s ability to drive safely.

The research also revealed that one of the key reasons illicit drug users risk drug driving is they don’t think they will be caught, particularly compared to drink driving.


The campaign seeks to deter illicit drug users from driving after taking drugs through:

  • Raising awareness of the increased number and enhanced mobility of roadside drug testing operations; and
  • Reminding drivers that illicit drug driving is an offence that results in serious penalties.

Target audience

The campaign targets male and female drivers 17-49 years who use drugs illicitly.


A range of creative concepts was tested among illicit drug users. The ‘MDT’ concept, developed by Ogilvy, proved to be the strongest as it was informative, authoritative and non-judgemental working to announce the relevant facts.

The new Mobile Drug Testing or ‘MDT’ campaign focuses on the likelihood and consequences of being caught drug driving, and relays the simple message that if you take drugs and drive, you will be caught.


1 December 2015 – June 2016

The launch of the campaign coincides with Christmas, New Year and the summer festival periods when social occasions are at their highest.

Media channels

The campaign is fully integrated and runs across television, radio, outdoor taxi backs, in-venue, digital and social media.


Mobile Drug Testing Campaign Video
Mobile Drug Testing Campaign