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The Media Agency Services (MAS) contract covers all media planning and media buying services. Strategic Communications manages these contracts on behalf of NSW Government.

The central aggregation of all government advertising activity generates significant discounts on normal advertising rates for the benefit of all departments; irrespective of the size of their expenditure. In addition the consolidated contracts provide streamlined and high quality service delivery and account management that ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of government advertising.

No other media agencies may be used for planning or buying purposes.

The MAS contracts run 1 October 2013 - 30 September 2016.

Appointed agencies and categories:

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Media Buying
Purchase and placement of all NSW Government public awareness advertising. This includes health and road safety messages, tourism promotion, and other announcements of government initiatives and activities. Universal McCann negotiates media rates on behalf of all government departments.UM Logo

Media Planning 
A panel of 4 agencies provides strategic media planning services for public awareness advertising activity. Government departments should directly engage one agency only that best suits their needs. To select an agency, it is advised to consult each one about their ways of working, current workloads and expertise in relation to your brief. A competitive pitch process is strongly discouraged as these agencies have undergone a thorough tender process to be appointed to the panel.

Head hour rates for each agency are available on request.

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Recruitment, Public Notices and Typesetting
Placement and typesetting of all recruitment and public notices advertising.