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Website Consolidation

Website Consolidation

Circular 2012-08 NSW Government Website Management requires that agencies assess the websites that they manage; and look for ways to consolidate the information contained in these sites.

It is anticipated that a reduction in the number of websites will deliver significant long-term cost savings to agencies; and most importantly, allow more effective communication between government and the community. 

Consideration of the website lifecycle is a key aspect of website management. There are six stages of the cycle, commencing with the business plan to launch a site, through to the decommissioning process.

When deciding to consolidate content or decommission websites, it's suggested that agencies consider the following process:

  1. Website Evaluation - involves assessing the effectiveness of an agency’s website to understand the site's relevance to - audience needs; alignment to agency/government goals; website security vulnerabilities; content accuracy and technical infrastructure.  
  2. Decommissioning Process - Once the evaluation has taken place, agencies may have identified sites to decommission. The website decommissioning process needs to be managed appropriately to minimise risks, meet business objectives and to ensure that full and accurate records are created and managed to support the NSW Government and the interests of the community.

Useful Links

Website lifecycle

  • Website Lifecycle - Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has provided information on its Web Guide site regarding the website lifecycle.

Monitoring and evaluating website usage

  • Website Evaluation - Commonwealth Department of Finance and Deregulation's suggested checklist for monitoring and evaluting website usage.
  • Measuring Website Costs - from the United Kingdom Central Office of Information, this site provides a useful guide for measuring the cost of a website.

Website consolidation and decommissioning

  • Managing Content: Consolidation and Closure - the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has provided information on its Web Guide site regarding website rationalisation.
  • Decommissioning Government Websites -  Created by the Commonwealth Department of Finance and Deregulation, this checklist has been created to help agencies identify issues to consider when decommissioning websites
  • Managing Digital Records - the NSW State Records site outlines the rules and regulations of digital record keeping. Important for any agency planning to archive a website.